Clearing Old Cat Toys Out Of My Cats Toy Box

I recently purchased some new cat toys for my cats. I cleared out the toys they had not played with for two years. Cats get tired of playing with the same old toy after a certain amount of time.

By getting rid of some of the old toys other old cat toys become new again in their eyes. Garfunkel played with a large red colored dice for about fifteen minutes. The old mice toys our always a hit after they surface to the top of the toy box once again.

All of my cats liked their new squeak mice, singing birds and a small cloth black cat. Catnip infused toys cause  a lot of excitement and enjoyment for my cats. Cat toys make your old cat act like a kitten once again. Cat toys increase your cats natural hunting skills.

My cats are now digging down deep into their cat toy box, They are playing with new and old toys. The old toys that light up or look like a mouse or frog are my house cats favorite toys. Conrad loves to bat a ball around in his circle toy. Kohl and Conrad love to get snacks out of snack balls or a mind skill game for cats.

My cats next door love their squeaky mice and singing birds along with cat balls. They have a cloth tunnel that they love to play in. All of the cats in the other house love their cat tree as they can watch birds from the top perch.

I have a bat toy that has feathers and the stomach lights up when they toss it in the air and it lands on the floor. All of my cats absolutely love to play with the cat bat toy. Clear out the unused toys from your cats toy box and some of the old toys will come to life again for more years of enjoyment for your cat.

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