Jamestown and Yorktown, Virginia

We had a tour of James Fort. The buildings had thatched roofs. They had a storehouse, court of guard and church representing 1610 – 1614.



At the Jamestown Settlement they had baked bread on one of the tables made with whole wheat and other grains. Small baked mincemeat pies were cooling off on a table in the kitchen.  They had a smoke and salt cured ham hanging up on a rope in the kitchen. I asked the man in the kitchen what the main cause of death was that the settlers died from. 50 percent of their population died the first few years they settled in Jamestown. He explained that they died from salt poisoning and dysentery. Salt was used to cure and preserve most of their foods. Five people would sleep in one bed as that was the way it was done at that time.


The woodworker was working on drilling holes and making handles for hammers, etc. There was an outdoor brick oven and a blacksmith shop. There were several colorful chickens walking around on the grounds.



We had a tour of Yorktown an saw the trenches where they had fought in the American Revolution. We went to  the Continental Army Encampment. I visited with an army Dr. and he said casualties of war were very high. The 50 caliber musket would do great  bodily injury to you. He would dig out the piece of lead and give you whiskey for the pain. The Doctor would do blood letting and drill holes in your skull to relieve pressure which they believed would help remove the disease from you body. They had a bone saw for removing fingers. They had different compounds for making medicine. The medicine was flavored with licorice root to make it easier and more tolerable to swallow. The tents they stayed in were small and five men slept in one tent. Almost all of the soldiers that lived after being shot died one week later from horrible complications. The soldiers would get pneumonia and dysentery. They only had something similar to Vicks vapor rub  to help them breathe better and loosen congestion.


We had a self – guided tour of the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, Virginia. I took a lot of pictures inside of the museum of the guns, etc. The museum offers a national perceptive on the struggle for Independence of the 13 British American colonies. It is located in Americas historic triangle which includes : Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. The battle at Yorktown was where American Independence was won.

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