Sing Praises To God Everyday

When things are moving along fine in are lives we seem to take it for granted. God is always our guide if we listen to him. We tend to pray more when we are in the hallows and shallows of our life. God wants us to thank him everyday in our lives. God will never leave your side when you are in pain or suffering. God knew us even before we were born and he knows what we will do on earth and what we will be like in heaven.

Let God always be your compass in life and you will never be lost as he will be guiding your every step in life. God knows what you are thinking about every waking moment in your life. Do not let possessions control you or own you. God is the one that has provided all of your possessions while you are on earth. You do not own or have possessions of your own for God has provided them to use while you are on earth. We come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing except knowing that Gods kingdom is open for whoever believes in him.

Sing praises to God on a daily basis. Without God none of us would be on earth. Thank God  for the food , clothes, and much more that he has provided for you. Praise God for your family and friends and the animals, trees and all of natures bounty and beauty.

I find great comfort in knowing God is always by my side through thick and thin. Without God in our lives we would not be the people that we are today. God has always protected me and comforted me in the best of times and the very worst of times. God is my pilot and my ultimate guide in life. Thank you God for I am truly blessed today and always with you by my side guiding me to do the best that I can possibly do while I am on earth and until we meet again.

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