Automatic Pet Feeders

I purchased three automatic pet feeders on my own. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.


When you are going away on a two day or five day trip or longer with some feeders you can be rest assured your cat will receive his food in a timely manner. The pet feeders have a timer that dispenses the food at the times you entered. My cats caught onto the time that the food got dispensed in a short amount of time.


I first purchased the Pet Safe 5 meal feeder. Each of the five sections hold one cup of food. A fresh meal is available in the first tray immediately , then it will rotate around four more times. The food tray is dishwasher safe. It takes 4 D batteries to run it. It was very easy to set up and my cats love to eat out of it. The Pet Safe automatic feeder has a one year warranty. Pet Safe has an office in Tennessee. Chewy.Com sells the Pet Safe 5 Meal Pet Feeder.

I also purchased a Paws and Pals Large Automatic cat feeder. It holds five pounds of food with an anti – jam dispensing system. An auger dispensers the cat food into a bowl attached to the side of it that can be removed for cleaning. You can record 3 messages on it so your cat can hear your voice while you are gone. Hearing your voice can stimulate your cat into eating better while you are away. The Paws and Pals automatic feeder was easy to set up and it uses 4 D batteries to operate. The feeder is 100 % washable. My cats next door love to eat out of their new automatic pet feeder.


I purchased a Cat Mat C50  Automatic Pet Feeder which is very easy to set the times you want your cat fed. It has an old fashioned style timer that you move to your desired time settings. My cats love eating out of it and it is very quiet. It uses one triple a battery to operate it. It has two ice packs to keep your cats food fresh.

If you are on the go a lot your cats will love you for buying them an automatic pet feeder.

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