What Do You Want Out Of Life ?

I think most of us want the same things out of life. We want to be loved, liked and respected . We want to be healthy and have a family that is healthy and have a genuine love for each other. We came to earth to help one another as one of Gods good stewards.

We need to have a job that enriches us and helps other people also. We want a job in life that we enjoy doing day after day. A job should not  make you feel horrible as it should help fill your days with great joy as you know you have helped out many people today. The world should be a better place with the knowledge that you willingly share with other people that will pass their knowledge on down the line.

Traveling is a good way to learn about other countries and the people that live their. I enjoy looking at the wonderful architecture in foreign countries around the world. I enjoy seeing  mountains and looking at and hearing the sounds of the ocean . I like tranquil  settings that let you relax and unwind from lives stresses and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Staying in an inn or a small cottage is very relaxing indeed.

I like nature in all of its glory. The peacock with all of his tail feathers spread out and our majestic bald eagle soaring up above. Beautiful flowers and flowering tress add much to the flavor of life. I like to look at cute baby animals as they are so very adorable in every way possible.

When we die we want to be remembered in a positive light. We want to be remembered for the good things that we did in life that helped out others and knowing that we left a positive and helpful impression with the time that we had on earth. We want God to think of us as one of his good stewards.

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