What Does United Stand For ?

United means unified, integrated, joined, merged, common purpose, common feelings, joint activity and multiple nations. The United States is a blend of joined and merged people from other countries that settled here for a common purpose. People wanted to leave the country they came from to better themselves and their family. The immigrant  may have been born last in the family and did not inherit the family farm so they settled in the USA as it was known as the land of plenty. America means freedom for all.

Unity means the state of being united or joined as a whole. Unity holds us together for a common cause. The United States of America has a blending of people all over the world that have merged and are united or joined as a whole. Every person wants the opportunity to succeed in life and prosper from their hard work which is impossible to do in some countries.

A united church means that people come together for the common practice of worship and they are joined together in worship. A united church has many people that get together to help others in this country and other countries around the world. Without unity a church could not survive. When you are united you have a large family of like minded people that can accomplish much because they all have the same common purpose to worship God and be his good stewards. The old saying goes  “united we stand and divided we fall ”  and that statement applies today and always. Without a united front not much gets accomplished.

Unity will always tie and bind us together so we can reach our dreams and help others reach their dreams also. Unify yourself with people in your church and community and you will be surprised what you can accomplish and get done for a better and improved tomorrow.

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