Fancy Feast Appetizers With Tuna And A Scallop Topper From Chewy.Com

I was provided Fancy Feast Appetizers with tuna and a scallop topper from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review.  All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I placed a container of Fancy Feast  Appetizers in front of  Maggie and she ate all of the tuna up  ASAP and she polished it off by eating her scallop last.

My cat family next door came running the minute I said Fancy Feast as they are familiar with and love the Fancy Feast cat foods. Russ and the three cat brothers , Cali and Faith did not waste one second in eating all of their Fancy Feast Appetizers with tuna and a scallop topper from Chewy.Com. Later on Nicole came Out of hiding and I gave some to her and she wasted no time in licking her plate completely clean.

Fancy Feast Appetizers are in a light meat tuna with a scallop topper in a delicate broth.Fancy Feast is distributed by the Nestle Purina PetCare Company, St. Louis, MO. in the USA. The average adult cat can have one tray of Fancy Feast Appetizers per day.

This morning Maggie was waiting for her Fancy Feast by the door. I placed her food in front of her and it disappeared like magic. She licked out the food dish and purred away.

Russ, Cali, Hilford, Sherlock, Mr. Gray, Nicole, Faith and Addi enjoyed their Fancy Feast Appetizers. My female cats were swatting at each other with their front paws over who got to eat first. They are declawed on their front feet only so no damage was done luckily. I saw what they were doing through the window so I went back in the house and told them to behave. They decided to behave and share their food equally.

I have never had a cat that did not put its paws up for Fancy Feast cat food from Chewy.Com.

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