Be Polite

It is just as easy to be polite as to be rude. If you see someone needs you to hold a door open for them do it and you will probably receive a big Thank You. Being polite is not as common as it used to be. We as a caring society have to think of the other person more. If you were in need and no one was polite or nice to you, you would feel worse than you already were.

We have to be more accountable for or actions as they affect many people. There is no place were it is OK to be rude and uncaring. If you have an issue with someone talk it over without bad language and be done with it. Do not not let things fester in you and get out of control with your emotions.

If you see someone in need of assistance ask them how can I help you. All of us need assistance now and then. It would be absolutely horrible if no one ever came to help you. Think if Police, Emergency  workers, Firefighters , Doctors, Friends and more never came to help you. We would not have any polite and caring society left.

Common descent say  is all that it takes to be polite and caring. Try to be polite to more and more people each and everyday. Help someone carry a heavy package. Sit and talk to someone that is sick, in the rest home, has lost a loved one and more. Being polite means that you care about a persons well being and that you are concerned for them in every aspect of their living.

I have no time for rude and obnoxious people in my life. If you cannot be polite and talk out  your problems in a friendly and kind manner you are not polite, politely.

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