There Is No Excuse For Bad Language

Bad Language says a lot about you as a person. Bad language shows a lack of knowledge for a better word. If you say a bad word once you are likely to repeat it and you will most likely say the word in a very inappropriate setting. If you keep saying bad language you will tend to lose respect from people and lose customers at your business.

If I was told to use bad language to sell a product I would tell them I am not the person you want for that. If you cannot sell a product on its own merits then it is not worth selling. I would lose all respect for a company that would stoop so low as to use bad language to sell their products.

I grew up in a household that did not use bad language and I very proud of that. Years ago if bad language was used you would get your mouth washed out with soap. I think we need a little more soap today. One day a five year old called me a dirty name that she had to have heard her parents say. If I am reading a book where every other word is bad I close the cover and start reading another book.

It is time to bring back old fashioned values and clean up the words that come out of the mouth of  young children and adults. It is our job as parents to set values and rules for our children to follow. We never heard God swear so we should know it is not acceptable behavior n any shape or form.

Be careful what you say as it will follow you into your work place and your home and into other settings. Use well thought out words to express yourself and impress others. Bad language does not impress anyone and it certainly does not please God. Always think before you speak.

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