What does it take to be courageous ? You have to be willing to stand up for what you think is right even when all the odds seem to be against you. You willingly step into situations even when it is dangerous to do so to help someone else. You have the courage to go the extra mile if necessary to get the job done at hand. If you are fighting for a cause you believe in it takes a lot of courage to do so if no else is backing you up at the time.

Fire fighters, police, law enforcement, military and many other jobs have truly courageous people that protect us everyday willingly and knowing they could die from protecting us. God protects us everyday and he tries to lead us on the right path in life if we truly listen to him and we ask for guidance in our prayers.

If you see something that is completely wrong and not right be courageous and report the problem to someone in authority that might be able to correct the problem. If someone is a bully report him or her and try to take the bullies power away. People that hurt others  have a major problem and have to be reported so their reign of terror will finally stop.

Be courageous and step out of your comfort zone. Travel, get a new and better job, try something new and you most likely will like the changes in your life. Courage is a great motivator to be a better and kinder and more compassionate you. Further your education and remember you do have the courage in you to complete your college degree.

Be courageous and make the world a better place. Stand up for what is right and just. Always put your best foot forward in life. Remember Jesus Christ was very courageous.

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