BFF OMG Potluck Pouches Variety Pack Cat Food from Chewy.Com

I was provided BFF OMG Potluck Pouches Variety Pack Cat Food from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I gave the Duck and Salmon Dinner in Gravy to Maggie my outdoor cat and she devoured it in short order. I gave some to my cats next door along with a pouch of Chicken, Turkey, and Salmon Dinner in Gravy. Hilford, Mr. Gray, Russ and Addi licked their plate completely clean.  Cali, Faith and Sherlock ate off of a different plate and they kept meowing for more. Peter came along and licked out the foil containers that  I had cut open with a scissors.

Weruva that makes BFF is a family owned Co. My cats have savored all of the wonderful cat foods that I have feed them over the years from Weruva.  There food is grain free, gluten free , carrageenan free, and BPA free.

Today my cats tried Weruva Lamb and Tuna Dinner in Gravy. Maggie ate away at her portion with gusto. My cats next door also tried Chicken and Tuna Dinner in Gravy. Russ growled while he ate his portion as he was not in the sharing mood today. Hiford,Sherlock and Mr. Gray the three brothers ate side by side and savored every bite. Cali, Faith and Addi also loved the Weruva BFF Potluck Pouches Variety Pack Cat Food from Chewy.Com. Maggie’s sister knocked out the dry cat food out of her dish to get to more of the gravy in her Lamb and tuna dinner. Peter came out of hiding and he finished off the last of the Lamb and Tuna Dinner in Gravy.

Maggie loved her portion of BFF Beef and Chicken in Gravy and she licked her plate completely clean. Mr. Gray, Hiford, Russ and Faith enjoyed the BFF Chicken and Shrimp Dinner in Gravy. Mr. Gray went around to lick out the foil containers. My cats enjoy good quality cat foods from Chewy.Com.

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