Be Happy For Others

If someone wins a prize feel happy for them and congratulate them. If someone wins a contest  be happy for them and not jealous. If you see a new car in your friends driveway do not be jealous over it. You have no idea of all the work they had to do in order to buy the new car in their driveway or what sacrifices they made in order to buy their car. Be grateful for another persons accomplishments.

Be glad that your friends and neighbors are able to afford the things that they have and be truly happy for them. Do not think that things come easy for people you have no idea of what they have had to go through in their life to get to where they are now. Do not covet as this is one of the Ten Commandments.

God is happy for each and everyone of us. We are all stewards to spread Gods good works. God is not jealous or boastful and we as good stewards should live by his example. Be appreciative for what you have in life and do not go after others that you think are less deserving. Do not judge anyone for God is the only judge of man.

I have heard people talk about someones health. They will say they never seem to get sick and they seem to be very jealous of them. If you really cared about someone or really loved them you would never want them to get sick. We will all be sick eventually and die. I am glad for all the healthy people in my life and I hope they are filled with Gods many blessings everyday. I pray for those that need the gentle healing touch of God to strengthen them.

Do not be boastful, jealous, covet my neighbors possessions or judge others. Be happy for for your neighbors, friends and others in your life. God is always happy for you.

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