How To Catch A Cat That Does Not Wish To Be Caught

I had an outdoor cat that needed her rabies and distemper shots. She seemed to know that I wanted to bring her to the vet and she was dead set against it. I put canned cat food in a live animal trap and she would not go near it. I have caught a lot of cats with canned tuna in water but not her. I tried all different kinds of cat treats and food to no avail. My friend had a left over piece of Walleye fish that I placed in the live animal trap and that did the trick.  The Walleye fish was something she had never eaten before and her curiosity got the best of her. She had no trouble at the vet and my mission was finally accomplished. Try something new and different for your cat to eat if you are having trouble catching them.

A fish net works good while your cat is eating. I place the net over the cat  while they are busy eating and grab them my the nape of their neck and then I transfer them to their pet carrier. You can place the net on one side of the building they are resting in and the cage on the other end. Your cat will either end up in the net or in the cage.

I had one cat that I had tried to catch and I finally just placed the cage where she was resting and she just walked right in. I was shocked that she just walked right in her pet carrier. Never pull a cat out of a cage they do not like that kind of behavior and they will bite you. Let your cat walk out of his cage on his own or gradually lift the cage up so he can walk out on his own. I put the cage on end when I place my cats in the cage. I put the back end of my cat in first which works a lot easier then placing their head in the cage first.

I hope this information helps you catch your feline friends safely and humanly. I hope your vet visit is a good experience for you and your cat.

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