Goody Box Made in the USA for Cats from Chewy.Com

I was provided a Goody Box Made in the USA for Cats from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

A Goody Box for Cats makes a good birthday present for your cat or the cats owner. Holidays are also a good time to surprise your cat with an awesome gift of goodies that are made in the USA. All cat ages can eat the wonderful foods and snacks except the Natural Plus Platefuls ( for Adult cats.)

The Goody Box Made in the USA for Cats from Chewy. Com contains the following items :  Blue Kitty Yums Tempting Tuna Recipe, The Missing Link Ultimate Feline Health Formula, Instinct By Nature’s Valley Raw Boost Mixers Chicken Recipe Freeze -Dried Food Topper, Natural Balance Platefulls Indoor Formula Duck, Chicken & Pumpkin Formula in Gravy Grain – Free Food Pouches, Dr. Elsey’s Cleanprotein Salmon Formula Grain – Free Canned Food and Pet House Lavender Green Tea Natural Soy Candle to solve pet odor problems.

I first gave the Blue kitty yums tuna recipe to Maggie and they made her day.  I then gave some to my cats next door they disappeared before I could see who had eaten them up. I had a large group of cats eating them up. My house cat Garfunkel almost ripped the bag apart to get to the treats. I gave him some and he inhaled them.

I gave Maggie some Natural Balance Platefulls this afternoon and she  quickly licked up any little area of her plate. Maggie loves food that has pumpkin in it. My next door cats Mr. Gray, Hilford, Sherlock, Cali, Faith, Russ and Addi enjoyed their Natural Balance Platefulls immensely.

I put the Instinct raw Boost Mixers in several cat treats dispenser’s for my indoor cats. Kohl kept rolling the dispenser around until he had eaten every cat treat. Conrad got all of his treats out in record time. Garfunkel makes sure I just hand the Instinct Mixers to him directly. They were very impressed with the Instinct Mixers.

I gave Dr. Elseys Salmon Recipe Pate clean protein to Maggie and she had hers gone in two large gulps. Sherlock let me pat him the whole time he ate his portion. Mr. Gray, Faith, Russ, Hilford, Cali and Addi loved Dr. Elseys clean protein.

I love the Pet House candle as its smell is divine. The candle has lavender and green tea in it. The candle helps eliminate pet odors from your home. I love just setting the candle on a table unlit as its pleasant sent radiates through the air in my home.

Today my cats ate The Missing Link Ultimate Feline Health Formula. It is a food supplement for all breeds of cats. I put some on top of Maggie’s food this morning and you would have thought I feed her a luscious piece of dessert. She was beyond thrilled as she ate it. My cats next door : Russ, Mr. Gray and Addi ate it up quickly.

I will be purchasing these fine Goody boxes for cats from Chewy.Com for my cats and the cat owners that I know in my life. I am very pleased with the selection in the box. All the goodies hit a home run with my cats and I. Thank you Chewy.Com for the purrfect selection that you put in each and every box.

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