Tidy Cats Drect Lightweight Litter In A Disposable Litter Box From Chewy.Com

I was provided Tidy Cats Drect Lightweight Litter In A Disposable Litter Box From Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I placed the Tidy Cats disposable litter box in my house next door. I followed the instructions on the box to get it ready for my cats to use. The instructions were simple and I had the box ready for them to use ASAP. When you are ready to dispose of it just tape the top back down throw it away. The box is coated with plastic.

My cat Faith smelled of the pleasant scented cat litter and made a deposit. I came back to the house later and noticed more deposits. The litter box is easy for your cat to enter and exit. My cats are very fussy about having a clean litter box and the Tidy cats litter box would solve the most discerning cat issues with a nice new and clean litter box.

My cats next door had made many deposits to their new litter box in the night. Cali made a deposit when I was filling their food dishes. All of my cats really dig their new Tidy Cats Disposable litter box. I love the smell of a wonderful perfume scent to the cat litter.

I do not like cleaning up old litter boxes and with the Tidy Cats disposable litter box you do not have to. Just buy a new one when the old one is full. Old litter boxes that are not kept clean properly are a good breeding ground for fleas and no wants a flea infestation. If you were traveling and taking your cat along with you the Tidy Cats Drect Lightweight Litter in a Disposable Litter Box from Chewy.Com would be the perfect solution. You would seal it up and just throw it away so no else would have to deal with it.

Tidy Cats came up with the purrfect solution to solve a messy and stinky problem. I am very impressed with Tidy Cats innovative solution that helps solve some major litter box issues. Cali made another deposit this morning. All of my cats next door really dig this awesome disposable Tidy Cats Litter Box from Chewy.Com.

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