Sitting On The Fence With Opinions

If we did not share are opinions about things nothing would ever change. We are each entitled to our own opinions but we must listen to and accept other peoples opinions. Some people are much more knowledgeable on a certain subject and they have a vast array of good opinions they can share with others. Some opinions may fix a major problem or make a product safer and easier to use in the future.

When you share your opinion with others do it in a nice manner that won’t upset the person. Some people get stuck on their opinion and no else is ever right. Try to convince them there is always room for improvements and changes no matter how slight they may be. New furniture, roofing, carpet, paint, etc. in your home may be expensive but it is necessary to maintain your home so it does not need to have everything fixed at once.

If everyone just sat on the fence and kept as quiet as a church mouse no new inventions or any changes would ever occur.  Opinions make the stock market go up and down and decide who our next president of the USA will be. Opinions make or break businesses and they make or break the sell of merchandise.

Use your voice and speak up when necessary. You will need several Doctors opinions if you have a serious condition or surgery coming up. Never ever rely on just on persons opinion. Get all of the facts about the manner at hand before yo go through with something you may regret in the long run. Being totally informed is what any person should want before proceeding with any important situation.


If you sit on the fence and you do not like the outcome you only have yourself to blame. Always remember to speak up because no one else will do it for you. You determine your own destiny and your own outcome in life by taking care to exam and understand all the facts that are presented to you and taking opinions from many educated and informed people that are specialist in their particular field. Never give up until you get the answers you need.

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