Stay Open To Possibilities

There are many opportunities or possibilities that will come your way in life. Sometimes you will not be ready to take that leap of faith into a new job or opportunity. When opportunity knocks on your door embrace the chance to move forward in life and enhance your horizons. If someone tells me it is not possible for me to do a particular thing I am more determined than ever to prove them absolutely wrong. I have been open to new possibilities in life and I have not been disappointed yet. Not to try to broaden your horizons is the biggest disappoint you will ever make in life. You will never know what you could have achieved or accomplished if you would have been open to a new and better improved you.

Job changes or moves can be scary. To have a job that does not excite you or get your creative juices following stagnant s you. I want a job that will test me and take me to the next level. We wear many hats in life. We do volunteer work which helps those who need help the most. Parents raise their children with the values and work ethics which they have learned. Pastors remind us of our Christian values and how to act as Gods flock and much more. We can learn a lot from Bible Scriptures and Bible study groups and by studying the Bible on our own. Treat people as you would have them treat you.

Job changes are must in life when your health will not allow you to do a particular job anymore. There are many paths you can walk down in life. I choose to live a rewarding life visiting and helping other people that are part of Gods flock. Embrace an illness and empower the illness and move forward in life. Their are rewarding jobs for us in all stages of our life if we just stay stay open to possibilities.

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