Accountability starts with you. We should all be held accountable for our actions. Think before you speak or before you push send on that email message. Our actions or words can truly harm someone. Some people take words to heart and are hurt beyond repair. Some teens have committed suicide because another student made fun of or persecuted them on the internet. Do not take other peoples hurtful words or action to heart as you have to consider the source.

If you do a job and you make a mistake admit that you made the mistake and correct the mistake as quickly as is humanly possible. Do not let other people clean up your mess or your mistakes. Do every job as though you were doing it for yourself. Use the correct materials for a job and do not take shortcuts. Shortcuts will return to haunt you eventually. Plan out your day so you can accomplish everything that you have to attend to that particular day. Do not procrastinate as your work will snowball upon you to a point that you cannot possibly complete it on schedule. People want to get a job done in a timely manner or they will never hire you again for another job and you will get a bad reputation in the business world.

Be accountable to God. Sing praises to God and attend church. Be kind, compassionate, and loving to people. Take care of the animals that God has placed on Earth to feed us. Treat farm animals compassionately and never abuse them. Our pets are companions that keep us company day after day and they ask for nothing in return. We should show our pets love and when they are hurting we should care for them ASAP. All animals of the air, land and sea depend on us to provide a habitat that is safe for them to live in for eternity.

Be accountable for your actions everyday that you are on earth and God, people and animals will be delighted with you.

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