Don’t Let Anything Break Your Stride In Life

When my Mother was sick there was a new song on the radio called ” Ain’t Nothin gonna break my stride I have to keep on movin now ” My mother said always remember that song. I think of that song often and how important those words in that song actually are. When we loose a loved one or suffer from a horrible illness we have to remember to keep on movin now.

A lot of things will come along in your life that will try to break your stride but we cannot let that happen to us. We have to rise above adversity by reaching out to other people and setting a positive example for them through us. Stride is something that cannot be broken if we keep our minds on the positives in our life and not the negatives.

Don’t let things slow you down for too long for they will consume you and eat you up with negativity. Keep a positive heart and a positive soul and you can achieve much that others will see your positive stride shining through you your darkest of moments. Think of your illness as a temporary moment in your life and take time to refine yourself if necessary.

Do not let past events break your stride. Learn from past events in your life and move forward toward more uplifting events. Surround yourself with people that know the flow of your life and that can help you enrich your flow of life. Enrich and help others as this will lift up your stride considerably. Be a person that is connected to God and help Gods flock to keep on movin now.

If we keep on the right path in life there is nothin that can break our stride for very long we just have to keep on movin on and forward.

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