You Cannot Relive The Past

It will be a grave disappointment if you try to relive an event that happened in the past. Time changes things quickly. The old buildings you remember might be torn down. People you remember may be gone now.

I went to a town as a child and it was completely different when I returned as an adult. The town was a tourist trap now and had lost it appealing  charm that it had years ago. I went to the town where my Mother was born when I was 20. The old hometown grocery store, her school and the house her father built was still there. I went back to her hometown 25 years later and everything had been torn down and replaced with new buildings.

If you attended a fun event years ago and you think you can recreate the event again, think again. Life is full of constant changes which is a good thing. You can attend a new event and have fond memories of that event for years to come. I remember the people that have owned and operated stores years ago. I have many wonderful memories of the people I have met along life’s Hi – Way.

Change is what makes the world continue to grow and not stagnate. Buildings get old and are beyond repair and eventually have to be replaced with new ones that fit the times we live in now. We can remember the past and hold it deeply in our heart but we cannot recreate the past event. Past means it is in the past and it has passed by.

We all struggle with the past. Some of us want to buy a car like we had when we were young. People like to buy an old toy they see if it is one they had as a child. We want to hang onto our youth as long as we possibly can. Remember the people,places and events that have made you happy throughout your life but do not try to recreate the particular event. Life keeps moving forward day after day with a new event or moment in everyday. Live your life to its full potential.

Copyright 2018   Not to be recreated in any form.

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