Their Are Vultures Among Us

I have heard and seen a lot of almost unimaginable things go on in families. I have seen people try to take advantage of sick people. Remember someday the ball will land in your court. Do you want your children to end up to be greedy little vultures after all they learn from your examples you set for them.

I saw someone try to take advantage of a person that had just had surgery two hours ago and was still not out from under the effects of the sedative. They said they had a check for them but they actually tried to get money from them. This person told their lawyer if they ever wrote a check to this party to make the check null and void.

One party told someone they would give their items a good home if they would just give them to them. There is nothing that says you are entitled to receive something when someone dies. The more greedy someone is to another person the more likely it will be that they get nothing from them when they die.

One party asked a family member for a copy of her father’s will before he was even cold in the ground. I saw one party sell a relatives house right in front of her casket in the church on the day of her burial service. A person when given a family heirloom said if you have anymore give them to me.

Children have told a parent that they are selling things in their house when they are in the rest home or that they are selling their house. Do no be disrespectful to your parents they worked hard for what they have and it is theirs to do what they want to do with it.

If you want vultures in your family and you act like a vulture you will raise a family of blood thirsty, uncaring, greedy and manipulating vultures.

God sees and knows your every mood, action and thought and what makes you tick. Strive to do the right and caring thing with everyone that is having health issues or facing death. Money is truly the root of all evil. You too will be facing health issues and death sooner then you think, it does not overlook anyone.

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One thought on “Their Are Vultures Among Us

  1. Wow! It is amazing how “vulture” like some people can be. I know some people deal with their sorrow and pain in different ways, but the examples you shared are where they have crossed the line and simply have no respect for others.

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