Stages of Life

We have different stages in our lives. We are babies, children, young adults, adults and than senior citizens. We all want to be treated nicely in each and every stage of our lives. We all hope that each stage of our life moves along smoothly and easily.

When we are babies we are fussed over and taken care of and adored my many. Our diapers are changed when needed, we get food when we are hungry. We are dependent on others for our every need in life. It is a grave sin to hurt a defenseless baby or infant.


As children we play games, make friends and go to school. Some children go to school with no food to eat or clothing to keep them warm in the winter. All children should expect to be feed and covered suitably for the weather. Children need a loving and decent caregiver that looks out for their needs. How we are treated as children partly determines how we will take care of others later in life. Children learn and observe what their adult role models are doing with their lives.

As young adults we are becoming less dependent on others and doing more things on our own. We still need lots of guidance from our parents. A lot of peer pressure is a constant that is best avoided if possible. Do not do something that may make you more popular at the time that you know is wrong.

As adults we can take care of ourselves. We are starting our careers after college and making a life for ourselves. Hopefully we find a job that enriches us and others. With marriage we have our babies to care for and guide into adulthood. Hopefully we have done an outstanding job and they will be an outstanding citizen.

We are senior citizens now and enjoying our golden years. We are traveling and doing a lot of things that we always wanted to do. As we age our health starts to go down hill and we move into assisted living. We have someone to make our meals and help us with cleaning our clothes, etc. As  our health continues to fail we move into a rest home. Some people in rest homes are abused, not fed because they cannot hold their fork or spoon, and they lay all night long on a wet pad until the morning shift comes in. Senior citizens deserve to be treated with the same care as you would give a new born baby. Seniors are loving and caring people that have feelings and pain just like you and I have. Without our seniors we would not be hear today. Treat seniors like you would want yourself treated with dignity, justice, grace, respect and the love of God caring for one of his children. Seniors are lambs of God. Too not bless a child of God is a grievous sin.

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