Some music can be restful and relaxing and other music can grate on your every nerve. Music can be the voice of angels. Music is an expression of the arts. Music uplifts and strengthens the soul. Some peoples voices are music to your ears.

Music is a form of expression that radiates from the notes in the song. There is a sad flow to some songs and other songs flow along quickly and seamlessly. The music you like to listen to says a lot about you as a person. If you like soft and easy listening music you most likely have a relaxed and easy going personality. Hard Rock music is full of beat and action and if this is your kind of music you want things to move along quickly and have lots of action in your life.

We sing praises to God which he finds to be quiet pleasant and an excellent way to worship him. There is a natural music in the universe such as thunder and lightening. The songs of the birds communicating with each other. The sound of insects and frogs and other animals. The bark of our dog and the gentle purring of your house cat.

Music is always with us where ever we go. Anything that has a rhythm or sequence to it could be classified as music. The hum of the engine in our car, the train and box cars moving down the track. The flow of the water in a river the sound of the ocean water that crashes against the rocks and the beach.

As children we make all kinds of music. We use pan covers like symbols and bang away on our toy drum, clap our hands together and blow on a piece of grass held between our fingers. All of us have a natural rhythm in us that is waiting to express itself. Music is a gift from God. Sing praises to God with good voice and Joy in your heart.

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