All of us have a struggle about something each and everyday in our lives. We may struggle with our feelings about a particular event or issue that has to be dealt with. We struggle with health, family and financial problems.

Life Can Be A Constant Struggle

Sometimes I struggle with trying to get the lid off a container of food or medicine. Putting a new piece of furniture together or figuring out your taxes can be very frustrating indeed. Balancing  family and work can be very difficult. Life is a constant struggle with something new and different each and every day. Without changes in our lives we would not evolve and we would be stagnant and dull. I want to learn new things and branch out and become more informed and in the now rather then staying in the past. The old saying goes  “nothing ventured nothing gained” and how very true that statement is.

At times we struggle with our own Christianity by saying why me when something bad happens to us. We must always remember all of us have different health problems and some are more serious than others are. God is always by our side and he knows our every thought and what we are going through. You are never truly alone with God by your side.

Breakdowns And Repairs

Our car can break down and we can be in debt for sometime until we get the transmission, engine or other damages paid off in full. We can have a major appliance breakdown,roof repair,tree damage, etc. If we save our money over time we will finely get these items paid off and be out of debt.

Remember God is Always By Your Side

Don’t let life’s daily struggles get the better of you. Talk things over with a trusted friend. Remember the trials of Job. God will help you with the many struggles we must all face in our lifetime. keep a positive attitude and let Gods light shine on you everyday.

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