Count Your Many Blessings

Some of us our blessed with good health , excellent family and friends. We are blessed to able to travel and broaden our horizons. I am blessed to have God in my life. We are blessed if we are raised in a loving and carrying family. Family and friends that support you through thick and thin is a true blessing indeed.

Live life to its fullest potential and never miss a beat. Having a job that you love and that helps others is a wonderful and full filling gift. Provide love, hope, peace and bring joy into someones life whenever and however you can every single day that you are here on Earth.

Going to church on Sunday brings us closer to God. Helping Gods flock along the bumps in life’s HWY is a blessing. Listen to people and try to solve problems together after all two heads are better than one. Help people and new business’es in your community as word of mouth can make a business flourish overnight.

I am thankful that I had wonderful and outstanding parents. I am thankful for awesome friends and family. I  am blessed to have traveled to many different places. I am truly great full to have God by my side day after day.

I love my pets as they give me great joy and comfort and our always their with their pleasant personalities and they always watch me and follow me where ever I go. Pets are a joy to watch and are excellent companions to come home to after a long day. Pets reduce anxiety and are proven to lower your blood pressure. People that own pets live longer then non pet owners do.

Count Your Many Blessing Everyday. I hope you are truly blessed and that you bless others along life’s HWY. God Bless You Today and Always. This is the day the Lord hath made let us rejoice and be glad in it.

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