Show Respect To People

Show respect to your elders, parents, friends, relatives, workers, people in authority and to yourself. To respect someone is to care about their overall well being. Do not make fun of people you may have the same problem yourself someday. Remember the Golden Rule : Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Be a kind and compassionate caregiver. You will have a caregiver take care of you sooner than you think. Do not hit or abuse people that cannot fend for themselves. Never hit or abuse anyone it is inexcusable. Make sure they are dry overnight and have water and are feed. Do not let someone lay in bed wet all night long just because they cannot fend for themselves anymore. If you think you are in control in that situation you are truly a sad excuse for a human being and sick and a sadistic person.

Do not let someone lay or sit around in pain and do nothing. Try to make someone as comfortable as is humanly possible. If they can not life up an arm to feed themselves feed them. Help them take a shower and remove their clothes carefully. Never get rough with a sickly person who depends on you for care and their well being.

If you break something that belongs to someone admit that you broke it and replace it ASAP. Treat babies and children and adults with respect and teach them to respect others.

How you treat others speaks volumes about your character and the kind of person that you truly are. If you enjoy watching someone suffer you have many serious issues. Show compassion, love, respect, care, and the upmost respect when you care for someone that cannot care for themselves any longer because of an unforeseen illness.

Be one of Gods good stewards and help protect and care for those who cannot care for themselves anymore.

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