Journeys In Life

Where will you end up in your life’s journey  ? Life is a constant journey it takes us along many different paths in our life. We start out our journey young in life and learn by our different mistakes and by trial and error.

Do not get stuck in a journey that does not move along to strengthen and enrich your life or the lives of others.  Change is a constant on our journey in life. We have to learn to except change quickly and move along with it in a positive manner.

Journeys can be scary but we can learn much from each new journey we take in our lifetime. Travel is a journey where you learn from different cultures and realize they are not that different than you are. I love history and seeing historic buildings and learning what people did that made remarkable marks in history and how we live today. Without our founding Fathers we would not be the country that we are today. Scientist have discovered drugs and treatments that have saved many peoples lives over the years. Thank goodness we take different journeys in what jobs we choose. With diverse jobs we can help many people and accomplish much that will benefit mankind for many years to come.

I have had many journeys in my life such as travel, health, caregiver and job changes. We have to refresh our journey now and then and move forward to another journey that works out better for us in this particular juncture in time.

I have found my different journeys in life have benefited me in ways I had never imagined possible. I have grown closer to God and to people. I find it much easier and relaxing to visit with people. The power of prayer is truly remarkable and helps all of Gods flock.

Be steadfast on the many journeys you will take in your life time and do not falter. God will help you through your many journeys.

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