The Purpose Of Life

Many of us wonder what our purpose is in life. Our purpose could be to raise a family. We are all put on earth for many different purposes. A Farmer raises crops that will feed other people or animals. We have a wide variety or professions that all serve to benefit others in many different and necessary ways.

We are all put on earth to do as much good in our lifetimes as is humanly possible. We help others with missions and sharing our understanding and support for those that are less fortunate than we are.

We are all children of God and we should help God each and everyday. We can do that by being kind, compassionate, loving and caring individuals that help God take care of his flock. Bring Joy, Peace, Hope and Love into peoples lives everyday. Hold a door open for someone, carry something that is heavy, send a card, call them, spend quality time with another person and always make yourself available to people that just need a little something to make their day a little extra special.

Life can be a stepping stone into the next spiritual life. Try to learn something new everyday that will benefit and help others. Reach out to people as you both will end up in a better spot for doing so. Think of one thing you can do everyday to make the world a better place for you and I to live in.

We should use as few pesticides as possible. Pesticides get into our water supply and poison us and also kill animals and our honey bees that are necessary for pollination of  fruit trees, garden goods, crops, flowers and more. If you make a mess on planet earth clean it up and help save our planet for generations to come.

Just some of my own personal thoughts on the purpose of life.

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