Being Left Handed In A Right Handed World

When I first went to school trying to find a left handed pair of scissors to work with was quite a challenge. School desk were made for right handed people also. The right handed students had a nice place to rest their elbows on the desk but I did not have that luxury.

My Grandfather thought me how to tie my shoes since he was left handed. We loop our shoe laces the opposite way around. He also thought me how to use a knife and peel vegetables.

When I made pottery in High School they had old fashioned kick wheels yet. Kick wheels can be easily used by left handed students as we just kick the wheel in the opposite direction. By the time I made pottery in college we had only two kick wheels and the others had motors that went in the wrong direction. An older gentleman told me all they had to do was mount the motor upside down and they would work perfectly for those of us that were left handed. We never had a motorized pottery wheel for the left handed students.

In sports left handed people need left handed golf clubs and catchers mitt and we hold the baseball bat differently also.

I tried to play a guitar in school but since it was a right handed guitar it did not go well. I found out years later that they now make a left handed guitar. The strings have to be mounted the opposite way around for us that are left handed.

Mechanics that are left handed have a challenge also as cars are made to be easily repaired by right handed people and an absolute nightmare for left handed mechanics to work on.

Carpentry tools are made backwards for left handed carpenters. I was lucky enough to find a left handed circular saw and what a wonderful find that was for me. Weed whackers throw the grass all over your pant legs and chain saws throw the wood chips all over your body when you are left handed.

I purchased a left handed watch that I love dearly. Left handed people wear their watch on their right wrist. Some vacuum cleaners are off balance because of how the bag or motor are mounted on them making it very hard to vacuum with being left handed.

I have learned over the years how to adapt to being left handed in a right handed world.

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2 thoughts on “Being Left Handed In A Right Handed World

  1. My daughter is a leftie, but she’s only 3 so we haven’t navigated into any of these challenges yet! Sometimes she tries to copy my right handed ways, and I always ask if she’d like to use her other hand.

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