Temptations Holiday Dinner From Chewy.Com

I was provided Temptations Holiday Dinner Turkey & Sweet Potato Flavor cat treats from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.


I first gave Temptations Holiday Dinner cat treats to Garfunkel and Kohl. Garfunkel loves to place a paw on the cat treat so Kohl cannot see it and then he eats it as soon as he is finished with his cat treat. I make sure Kohl gets his fair share of cat treats. Conrad came along later on and ate up several Temptations Holiday Dinner Turkey & Sweet Potato Flavor cat treats from Chewy.Com.


Temptations cat treats are 100 % nutritionally complete and balanced for adult maintenance and under 2 calories per treat. Temptations cat treats have lots of vitamins and minerals and natural turkey, sweet potato flour and dried cheese and more for your cats health. My cats love cat treats that have pumpkin, squash or sweet potatoes in the mixture.  Just shake the container and your cats will come running for the wonderful Temptations Holiday Dinner cat treats. I love the stay fresh pack Temptations come in as it is very easy to dispense the cat treats for your cat to enjoy.

I gave some Temptations cat treats to my outdoor cats this morning and they were absolutely enthralled with them.  Maggie and her sister ate more and more treats as I laid them out for them to savor.


Mr. Gray came running the minute he noticed the Temptations container as he has memorized the looks of a Temptations container. Hilford and Nicole got in on eating the Temptations Holiday Dinner cat treats from Chewy.Com ASAP. Russ, Cali, Faith and Addi ate as many cat treats as I could give them. I put some cat treats in a little bed that Sherlock was resting in and he woke up very pleased with his early morning Temptations cat treats. Peter was in a large heated cat bed and placed some cat treat in it for him to savor which he did ever so quickly.


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