Are you dependable ? Are you there when your friends or family need you ? I hope you answered yes to these two questions. Dependability is a large part of life that affects many people besides yourself.

What would you do if  you went to an emergency room and everyone had called in sick for the day. You would be in dire shape or die before the day was over. You need to be accountable to yourself and others. Accountability starts with you and your actions speak volumes about you.

If you are not dependable on a job you will get fired and your chances of finding another good job will be slim to none. You cannot show up on a job whenever you feel like it. Restaurants need waiters, cooks, etc. to run a restaurant successfully that people will want to return to in the near future. If everyone just worked on the days they felt like working our economy would go into a tail spin. Dependable people are a must to keep things moving and flowing along in the business world and in life in general.

When I go to a store and they are supposed to be open at 8 AM they better be open or I will never return to that store again. I do not like waiting for people as they are stealing precious hours from my life. Life is too short to wait around for someone that is never on time or dependable. There is no excuse for being late unless an unforeseen circumstance arouse.

Dependability is not what is used to be. You should treat other people like you want to be treated. I am sure that you do not like to wait around for people so why should people wait around for you. Have respect and accountability for your actions and if you are late for unforeseen circumstances apologize and explain what happened to make you late.

Be dependable and accountable to God, your boss, family and friends as this will take you far in life.

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