In The Pursuit Of Happiness

What does it take to be happy in life ? Happiness has a different meaning to various people. What makes one person happy will not necessary make another person happy.

Some people think happiness can be had by the various things they own such as a fancy car, luxury home, antiques and what ever they can acquire with their money. Money and possessions won’t give you happiness for long. Money does not give one happiness it actually controls the person that has the money. The person worships his money and that is all he worships as he tries to amaze a larger fortune throughout his entire life. Everyday the money owns him and controls him into making more and more money that brings heartache and pain and robs him of his time on earth for a more worthy cause.


You find happiness by spending your time with family and friends and supporting worthy causes in your community.  Gather yourself around like minded people and share your life experiences with others. Belong to groups that lift you up, attend church regularly, read your devotions, read your Bible and treat yourself now and then. I love visiting with people as I can learn a lot of valuable information and life lessons by my conversations with others.

Eating out, going for a drive, or taking a short vacation now and then makes me very happy.  Spread Gods good works where ever and however you can each and every single day of your life. Reach out to people as it will help you and them along the bumpy roads in life. Be the person that people like to be around for support and comfort in their life.

Happiness is how you make it and how you live your life. Sometimes you find happiness where you least expect to find it. A complete stranger can give you absolute happiness or perhaps even save your life. Happiness is being around people you love and people that love you unconditionally and always knowing that God is always by your side.

God Bless you and may you have many happy and fulfilled days in your life that are memorable and enjoyable.

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