Let Your Voice Be Heard

Let your voice be heard in a positive manner that will help and influence people. Encourage people to do the best that they can each and everyday of their life.


I was made fun of in school at very young age. My teacher and the students would laugh at me when I talked. So I grew up feeling that silence was golden as far as I was concerned. If I did not talk no one would laugh at me. It took over half of my lifetime to overcome not talking to people more then was absolutely necessary to get by in life.

I especially had trouble visiting with women since it was mainly the girls that laughed at me years ago. I was blessed to meet a wonderful and outstanding group of women in the blogging group that I belong to. They were kind and considerate and very outgoing. I am now comfortable with visiting with all people.

I have finally found my voice in life. I have learned to never let anyone have that much control over you in life that they take your voice away. Do not let the bullies in your life take over your life. Always remember their are more kind and considerate people in the World then their are bad people. Bad people seem to always make the news and the good people do not get mentioned much in the news. God is always watching and he knows when you have done good deeds.

You learn a lot by visiting and conversing with people. One conversation can make or break a deal or keep a Company in business or close its doors forever. Remember to use your voice in a positive manner that will help people and do not put people down. Converse and spread your knowledge around to make the World a better place for everyone.

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