Life Is About Serving People And Lifting Them Up

Visit people often and help them and put a smile on their face.  Hold doors open for people and great them with a firm handshake. It is so rewarding to give people a gift that they were not expecting.

Do something special for your friends. Call up your friend and invite them on the spur of the moment to go for a drive or out to eat. You will make your friend happy and you will be happy also. Spend quality time with your friends and don’t miss a moment of your time together.

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I love visiting with people in the rest home or in assisted living. The people I visit with enrich my soul with wonderful lessons on what life is really all about. We can learn a great deal form our elders and other people that we visit with, We all have our ups and downs in life it is how we handle them that makes all the difference in the World how our life turns out.

Do not dwell or live in the past as you can not change its outcome. Make new and fond memories in others lives and in your own. Look at things in perspective and never lose your focus on what is truly important in life. We should serve God, community, family, friends and strangers. A friend in need is a friend indeed as the old saying goes.

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An illness in my life was a blessing in disguise. It has made me into a more outgoing and caring person. I have become a lay minister in my church. I see things differently then I used to. I enjoy visiting with people and having them tell me some of their lives stories. There is always someone who is in worse shape then you no matter what your illness or situation is.


My goal is to help brighten or enrich peoples lives and put a smile on someones face everyday and to be kind, compassionate, caring and to be an awesome listener and to learn something new each and everyday and to share my knowledge with others.


God bless you each and everyday and never forget that you can always become a better and more outstanding you that will make God and your family proud of the person you are today.

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