Instinct Minced Rabbit Recipe Cat Food From Chewy.Com

I set out individual portions of Instinct Rabbit Recipe in Savory gravy for my cats next door. Mr. Gray, Russ, Addi and Sherlock were very excited indeed as they ate their Instinct Rabbit Recipe Cat Food From Chewy.Com. Hiford and Faith ate up their portions immediately. Nicole likes to hide in a kitchen cupboard and all of a sudden she leaped out of the cupboard and ignored my presence in the room completely as she gobbled down her Instinct Rabbit Food for Cats. Nicole has never been that excited over any food in her entire life.


Instinct is grain free and the ingredients are : rabbit, pork liver, pork broth, egg whites, peas, spinach, carrots, Flaxseed, kelp, artichokes, cranberries, pumpkin, tomato, blueberries, broccoli, cabbage, kale, parsley and lots of vitamins and minerals. My cats seemed to know that Instinct Minced Rabbit Recipe Cat Food From Chewy.Com had exactly what they needed to eat for optimal health. Instinct is made in the USA. Instinct offers natural nutrition for cats. You can feed your adult cat two to 2.5 bowls of Instinct a day.



Nicole leaped out of the cupboard immediately this morning hoping to the first one to eat the wonderful Instinct Rabbit Recipe Cat Food. Nicole ate up a large portion of her Instinct  Rabbit cat food. Russ, Hilford, Sherlock and Addi enjoyed their portion immensely. Faith ate in an area by herself so she would not have to share with anyone. Mr. Gray ate up all of his Instinct ASAP and cleaned up any little nibble left behind.

My cats and I enjoyed the smell of the Instinct cat food. The cat food has a nice pleasant fresh smell. There are nice small pieces of meat and carrots in the cat food and a savory gravy. My cats rate Instinct Minced Rabbit Recipe Cat Food from Chewy.Com on their all paws up review. My cats were on top of the World while they indulged on their Instinct Rabbit cat food.

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