Get It In Writing

You have to get contracts and agreements in writing today as the old fashioned handshake is a thing of the past.

I purchased a SUV at one time that was supposed to be AWD and a six cylinder engine. The SUV was four cylinder and FWD. I had a witness with me when I purchased the vehicle thank goodness. I had the sales manager sign a piece of paper saying they would make things right with me. The other people in the Co. did not know I had a signed letter from the sales manager and refused to do anything. As soon as I faxed them a copy of the signed letter they made things right after a two month wait. I ended up with a one year newer AWD drive SUV  but I still got the four cylinder engine. Without a witness or something in writing you do not have a leg to stand on.

I have friends that got a different color of vehicle than the one they purchased. I have a friend that purchased an air conditioner for his store but they did not hook it up to electricity. They told him he had to have his electrician hook it up. Anyone would think they would hook up an air conditioner when you purchased one. Why would you buy an air conditioner just to look at it day after day in the hot sweltering heat.

I was getting a loan at a bank one day and trying to read over the fine print. The banker said that is not important so I started to cross  that part of the contract off and all of a sudden it became very important. Be very proactive in all of your purchases. In God We Trust all others must sign a written agreement or contract.

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