Embrace Your Illness Do Not Let It Empower You

Illness comes to knock on all of our doors eventually. Illness does not care if your door is locked it just burst in the very moment you do not expect it. Be ready for illness in your life and embrace it. You take control of your illness to the best of your ability. Find things to do that you like to do and travel and get out as that will occupy your mind and give you new things to think about.



Never sit around and just concentrate on the illness that you have as that is when it will empower you. Try to get out and live your life the best that you can  with the illness that you have and then you will empower your illness.  Never think  poor me as all of us have health battles to empower in life.

Find new hobbies and new things to do when you cannot possibly  do all of the things that you used to do. Read books, enjoy the great outdoors, write, surround yourself with friends and let God be your guide in life. Find a cause to support and help others that our fighting health battles.


Only you can take control of your life. If you tell yourself in life that you cannot win chances are you won’t. Make positive changes in the World everyday and embrace your illness as you may find  a new you that is also an improved you. You may find yourself to be more outgoing or more creative.

God is always by your side even when you think he is not. God does not want any of his children to suffer. God will help you embrace your illness if you let him. Go out and help others embrace their illness and do not let them get empowered by their illness. God Bless You and strengthen you everyday.


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