We Are Here To Make The World A Better Place

We are here to put a smile on someones face today. We are here to enrich and empower the lives of others. We should always try to replenish the goods that we remove from our planet. If we cut down a tree we should plant another tree in its place.

Be A Good Steward and Share Your Knowledge

Take time for prayer and thank God for all the abundance of goods and beauty to look at each and everyday of our lives. Plant and harvest goods that will be beneficial for the well being of others. Be a good steward of the land always harvest and replenish the goods that you remove from our planet. It is our duty to keep a clean and productive planet that future generations can enjoy for many years to come.

If you see someone in need lend a helping hand as you might be on the receiving end yourself someday. Be kind and helpful and considerate in everything that you pursue. God and other people are always watching and learning from your actions as actions speak louder than words.

Teach people what you know and do not take your knowledge to the grave as no one will ever benefit from that kind of mind set. Be outgoing and creative and motivated to make the World a better place for you and I. A friend in need is a friend indeed as the old saying goes.

Greet people in a friendly and outgoing manner as your attitude is always showing. Welcome people with open arms and always remember there is always more room at the kitchen table for a surprise guest or two.

Be Kind and Enrich The Lives Of Others

Be kind to all of the animals in the World as we are their stewards here on earth. Animals depend on us to keep a clean environment for them that is free from toxic hazards that can kill them. Always replenish and renew the Earth for future generations to come. With all of us being Gods stewards we are making the World a better place for future generations to come. Always empower and enrich peoples lives and protect our resources and animals. Always put your garbage were it belongs and don’t pollute the Earth. We have a planet the can sustain life for many years if we empower and enrich our planet everyday that we are here on Earth. Go forth and be Gods stewards that save the planet.

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