Vetri Science Lysine Plus for Cats from Chewy.Com

I was provided Vetri Science Lysine Plus for Cats from Chewy.Com to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

My outdoor cat Maggie devoured the bite sized chews that I gave her. Maggie’s sister enjoyed her chews very much also.

My house cat Garfunkel ate up his Vetri Science Lysine chews from Chewy.Com the second I put them down for him to eat. I placed a chew in front of Conrad and Kohl tried to take it away from Conrrad but Conrad grabbed it quickly and swallowed it. Kohl got a bite sized Vetri chew latter on.


Vetri Science Lysine Plus has Lysine and DMG to support your cats immune, eye, and respiratory health. An adult at can eat one too two chews twice daily. Vetri Science is manufactured in the USA with imported and domestic ingredients. Vetri Science is a veterinarian recommended brand.

My cats next door got excited the minute they smelled the Vetri Science chews. I could hardly give them the bite sized chews quick enough to meet their satisfaction. Every cat was trying to eat the other cats chews up.I made sure every cat got their fair share of Vetri Science chews.


Russ, Hilford, Mr. Gray, Bella and Cali were the first cats to enjoy the Vetri chews. I placed some chews on a pillow for Addi to eat up which she did in no time at all. I placed some chews in the little enclosed bed that Peter sleeps in and he ate them right up. I placed some chews next to Nicole and she ate them all up. Sherlock ate up his fair share of chews. Faith was waiting patiently by the door for her Vetri Science Lysine chews from Chewy.Com. I gave Faith her chews to eat before I left the house in the morning.


All of my cats were extra happy with their Vetri Science Lysine Plus bite sized  chews from Chewy.Com. My cats gave the chews a paws up ! ! !

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