Time Is Precious

Do not make people wait for you. There are a lot of good things that they could accomplish while you are waiting for them. They could help other people, be working on a project that could affect the masses and help with mission work, etc.

Time is a valuable gift from God use it wisely and kindly everyday that you are on Earth. Discover and do something new everyday that will enrich your life and the lives of  others. Spread your wisdom and knowledge to others so others may learn and spread their knowledge to future generations to come.

Without learning from our mistakes we our bound to repeat them and harm others in the process. Do not keep your knowledge hidden just for your own benefit as that is a great disrespect to yourself and others.

We learn a lot of valuable knowledge from God, teachers, family and friends and by reading books. I once meet a man that was excellent at a trade and I asked him to teach me his trade and his reply was no. He wanted to be the only one that could make the item of his trade. We will all be dead someday and it is our duty or privilege to pass our trade onto generations to come so the skills of yesteryear will never be forgotten.

Do not waste time on Earth as there is much to be accomplished day after day that will benefit mankind for generations to come. We will find cures for diseases that have no cure at the present time. Research takes many man hours  to get a new discovery up and going.  Do not just let your days go ideally by. Think to yourself everyday what can I accomplish in my life today that will benefit mankind and help spread the word of God.

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