In Memory Of My Cat Onyx

Onyx was born on my farm in the winter. He lived in a building that had heated cat beds and heated water to drink. His Mother was an excellent huntress and Onyx grew up to be an excellent mouser.


Onyx died by the cat building and the grain bin not far from my house last evening. Onyx was ten years and seven months old. I buried Onyx on my farm and I placed a marker on his grave. The cat tombstone says : You have left our lives but will never leave our hearts.

Onyx was a wonderful looking gorgeous black Tom cat. Onyx was part Siamese, Persian, Himalayan and domestic short hair. Onyx had a shorter nose like a Persian cat.  His coat was very sleek and he was a neat and trim gorgeous cat.


All of the kittens that have been born on my farm are Onyx’s offspring. Kohl and Conrad two of my house cats are Onyx’s offspring.


Onyx is the father to Nicole and Peter next door. Onyx is the Grandfather to Sherlock, Hilford and Mr. Gray and two more kittens that I gave away to a wonderful and loving home. Onyx is also the father to a lot of  the cats in my neighborhood.

Onyx was an excellent father to his kittens they could play with his tail or wrestle with him and he did not mind it at all. He taught his kittens to be excellent mousers. Onyx loved to watch his kittens play with leaves and he was always kind and loving toward his kittens and their Mother’s.

Onyx was always on patrol for any mice that he could spot in the ditch by my house. I don’t think any mice escaped Onyx’s keen eyes and his excellent hearing and hunting skills.  He kept my place almost completely rodent free all on his own. When I would drive to town or come home from being in town I would always spot Onyx hunting in the ditch by my house.

I will miss Onyx greatly. He was a kind and gentle Tom cat. Onyx had a blood line that went back to my very first cat by the name of Flossie. We had a Himalayan Tom cat at one time and a black and white female cat that was part Siamese, Persian and Himalayan and Onyx is a decedent of them also.  There is a picture  of Onyx, Kohl, and Conrad on this post. In memory of my beloved cat Onyx.

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