What does it mean to have respect for someone ? You care about the person and you treat them as you would want to be treated. Respect is a two way street if someone does not respect you it is very hard to respect them. You must have consideration and honor for a persons well being as one aspect to the standard of respect. Sometimes respect has to be learned through your actions as to how to treat others honorably and with complete and total respect toward themselves and others. Your actions speak louder then words.


Do you feel compassion, love, joy and hope while you are around a person you respect if not their is actually no respect in your relationship with that person. By addressing a person as Doctor or Mr. or Mrs.,etc. shows a sign of respect for that person. A simple act of holding a door open for a person shows a sign of respect. To show a sign of concern for peoples well being and visiting the sick and helping the poor is respectful and shows the sign of a good steward.


I have always found it easy to respect my elders and other people in authority. I respect other peoples property and treat it as if it was my own. If you borrow something from someone give it back to them in same condition it was in when  you borrowed it from them or return it in better condition.

Do not take people for granted. Show appreciation often. Do not make snap judgments about people as you may have the same fault yourself and not even see it in you. Always remember respect will get you much farther in life then disrespect ever will. Respect God, property, animals, people and always be truthful, compassionate, loving and caring.

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