What makes you happy in life ? I love to travel and learn something new everyday. I love to visit with people in Rest Homes. I love their stories from the past. I find their lives and experiences very educational and informative. I love how their faces light up when you visit with them and bring a little sunshine into their lives.


I love taking care of my pets and tending to their needs. My pets make me very happy. I love watching them play with toys and I just plain love watching them sleeping in comfort and ease. A pet purring or sleeping on my bed at night makes me very happy indeed. Pets love you just the way you are and you do not have to try to impress them.


I am happy when I read a history book in my hammock and listen to the birds gently singing in the trees. One of my pets lays under the hammock while I read and she keeps me company while I read. I love to work outdoors at mowing  the lawn, gardening, weed wacking and much more.

People that share the same interest that you do are wonderful to be around and they bring great happiness into your life. Wonderful friends are necessary to have great happiness in your life. A strong connection with God is an absolute to a powerful happiness with life in this World.

Wesley Church

You cannot get happiness from wealth or material possessions. The things in nature are the things that will give you the most happiness down the road in life. People, animals, plants, mountains and things made by the hand of God are the key to happiness today and everyday in your life. God bless you with happiness in all that you do for others for you will be rewarded greatly  and in many many ways.

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