Fame and Putting On Aires

Do you need fame in your life to be happy  ?  All of us want to be mentioned for our accomplishments now and then. I would not want to be in the limelight all of the time.  I think it is better to get things accomplished without fanfare and a lot of exposure. People will notice what you have done anyway without making a spectacle  of yourself.

I have noticed people walk in late to a meeting and then have the nerve to walk way to the front as if to say notice me now. If you come late to a meeting sit in the back and you will still be noticed by someone. Help people and do not expect something in return. Gods good stewards should help all people gracefully and quietly.

If you live for fame only it will not satisfy you for long. Fame is short lived and forgotten with time. Help the oppressed, give gleefully, live cheerfully, bring joy, peace, love and hope to every ones path that you cross in a day.

Do not be boastful, jealous or callous, be genuine to yourself and others in all things that you do. It is better to be seat yourself at the back of the table and have them call you to the front of the table. If you would sit in front and then be told to sit in the back you would feel embarrassed. Let good things come to you and  always look for good things in people and good people. Look for good and be good in all that you do to help others. Evil will come to you on it own so be cautious as to not let evil enter your life as it will want to embrace you and encompass you. Do good and be good in all that you do and wish to accomplish in your life. The grace of God will lead you to new heights.

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