The Story of My Cat Hoover

Hoover was one of my first cats kittens. Hoover was named after our Hoover vacuum cleaner. As a child I did not get very original when I named my cats by myself. Hoover was very gentle and he would let a young child pick him up and hold him without even giving me one scratch. I would carry Hoover around with his legs drooping down but he would purr away contentedly.


Hoover would wait for me to come out of the house every morning  to hold him and make a fuss over him. He would wait with me while I waited for the school bus to take me to school in the morning. Hoover got a lot of table scraps to eat along with dry cat food and fresh water to drink everyday.

Hoover had his Mother Flossie and his siblings to keep him company. I had his siblings  Blacknose, Sprite and an adopted cat Fresca. Sprite and Fresca were named after the soda pop that I drank.


Hoover was a red tabby tuxedo cat. He would play with leaves and his Mother’s tail as a small kitten. Once in awhile he and his sisters would play chase and tussle around together. He was a good hunter like his Mother and he would bring dead gophers and mice up to the house so we could get a good look at his catch of the day. His sisters were very successful huntress’es.

Hoover and the other cats would follow my Father around the farm and luckily they all knew enough to stay away from the farm machinery. They loved to sleep up in the hay mow of the old barn we used to have. They were nice and cozy in the hay and they got the warmth of the other animals in the barn. They drank milk along with their normal cat food in the winter months. They always had heated water to drink in the winter from  a heated water tank for the farm animals.

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