Memorial Day And What It Means To Me

Memorial Day is a day for us to remember our loved ones that have passed on. We are here today because of our ancestors and their great accomplishments through the years. They have braved great tragedies and have triumphed over many adversities to come to a new country full of unknowns to make a great life for their family and future generations to come.


We have our Founding Fathers, Surveyors, Lawyers, Tradesmen, Farmers, Veterans, and many more people to be remembered for what they have done to make America a land of great opportunity and freedom for all.

What our ancestors have done throughout the years has helped us get to our position in life. We have learned a great deal from them throughout history. Some of our ancestors have discovered cures for serious diseases that we would have died from years ago. Our ancestors carried their old traditions to the new country and we have built on these traditions over the years. We still love ethnic foods from the old country and have kept many of their ideals and values in place.


I have traveled to the countries that my ancestors came from. I have walked down the same streets that they walked down in the 1600’s. I saw the farm that my Great Grandfather farmed and learned the history behind why he came to America. When we learn more about our ancestors we also learn much more about ourselves and why we have certain likes and dislikes. We are very similar to our ancestors and we strive for a lot of the same things without even knowing it at the time. People always told my Father he looked like his Grandfather. We have a lot of the same mannerisms as our ancestors had.



Memorial Day reminds me of all of my wonderful ancestors that have went on before me and helped shaped me into the person I am today. I am glad for all of their sacrifices and triumphs as without them I would not be here today. Thank you God for all of the wonderful people that have enriched the World with your good works. We greatly miss our relatives that have gone on before us and one of our ways of honoring them and remembering them is with Memorial Day.

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