Purina PP Protein Shrimp Cat Snack

I was provided Purina Pro Plan Shrimp Cat Snack to facilitate my review. All thoughts are 100 % honest and my own.

I first gave the Purina shrimp cat snacks to Kohl and Garfunkel and they looked at me like please give me some more shrimp cat snacks. Conrad woke up from a cat nap and ate up three pieces of the Purina Shrimp Cat Snacks while I had my back turned from him for a few seconds.

Maggie and her sister seemed to be delighted with their Purina midday shrimp cat snack. I laid out some pieces for Onyx to eat while I gave my cats fresh water to drink. I went back to were I had placed the snacks for Onyx and they were all gone. My cats had a purrfect afternoon cat snack.


I gave all of my cats next door some Purina Pro Plan Protein Shrimp Cat Snacks from Chewy.Com. Russ, Cali, Mr. Gray and Faith met me at the door so they got served first. Faith is a slow eater so Mr.Gray got plenty of Purina cat snacks. I put some in Bella’s cat bed and she ate up every single morsel of her snacks. Nicole, Peter, Hilford and Sherlock are very shy but they came out to enjoy the tasty Purina PP Protein Cat Snacks from Chewy.Com. Addi still lets her now two year old kittens eat their fair share of snacks before she will eat any herself but she could not resist 100 %  after she ate one piece she needed two more right now and no later.



Purina PP Protein Cat Snacks are all natural with added taurine and real shrimp. There are no colors, artificial flavors or preservatives in the Purina cat snacks. Do not feed your cat over ten snacks a day one for each pound of body weight. Purina products are made in the USA.

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