A Rats Tail In My Hair A Dream With A Strange Analogy

I dreamed about a rats tail in my hair one evening. I could always see its tail hanging down and it was freaking me out. I asked my friends if they could see the rats tail in my hair and all of my friends said no. I figured they said that because they were afraid to remove the rat from my hair.

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I kept dreaming about that rats tail hanging down out of my hair most of the night. Once I came to terms with accepting having a rat in my hair the rat left never to be seen again.

Once we come to terms accepting a situation that we cannot change we have no fear of the situation anymore. Some people are like a rat in your hair such as bullies. If we let the bully bother us day after day he has all the power and we have none. Do not let someone intimidate you day after day seize the moment on your terms and your conditions and do not bow down to a bully.

Anyone that antagonizes you or upsets you  holds all the cards not you. Be your own cheerleader and take control in your life. A rat will get out of your hair when he cannot pull your chain any longer.

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Do not let fear take moments of your life away because that dirty old rat will never get out of your hair. When you are in control of your life you can accomplish many great things that you didn’t even think were possible to achieve. Keep on target to set and achieve new goals each and every day of your life. Life is a gift from God and not a given so use your life to help spread Gods good works and make the World a better place and never let the rats get the best of you.


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