Cats And The Predicaments They Get Into

My Mother had a cat years ago that jumped onto the top of a wood burning stove and she burned the bottom of her paws. Their cat let out a horrible wailing sound. They put Vaseline on the bottom of her paws and she healed up quickly from her wood burning stove ordeal.

I had a half grown cat ride on top of the gas tank of my car all the way to the college that I was attending which was about a twenty minute drive from where I live. I noticed my cat sitting on a tire in between my classes. I told the secretary at the college my predicament and she gave me a box to put my cat in. It was Sept. and I did not have to worry about him getting overcome with heat by being in my car. He stayed in the box until my last class. I noticed him looking out of my back window. We drove home and he jumped out with no effects from his adventurous day of travel.


I have had house cats climb up trees when I let them out for awhile. One of my cats stayed up in the tree even though it was starting to rain outside. When she was soaking wet she decided to come in and she gave me a look that could kill. I told her I tried to get you to come in but you would not come.

I have had friends tell me that their outdoor cats had got their heads stuck in a can, jar, hot dog wrapper, etc. Luckily all of them noticed their cats predicaments right away before they suffocated to death. They used a can opener and butter to get the can off of their cats head. They very carefully broke the jar off of their cats head with a hammer and the hog dog wrapper only required a scissors to remove it from Fluffs head.

I hope all of you and your feline friends are successful in getting out of your predicaments.

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