Cat Eating Habits

Some cats are late night feeders and therefor they put on a lot of weight with this habit. It is good thing to put your cats food dish away at night so he can not gorge himself with food in the middle of the night. Your cat should be getting more fit and trim by removing his cat food at night.

Some cats are very fussy about their dry cat food. If you try to feed your cat a different brand of cat food then what they are used to they will simply stop eating. I always leave their regular brand of cat food out and place the new brand in a food dish next to their regular brand of dry cat food. My cats always have a cat food that they love and enjoy eating with this method. I will also mix two different brands together if they seem to like both brands equally well.

My cats love cat treats and canned cat food. There favorite canned cat foods are fish,chicken and turkey with no by products or fillers in them. I place cat treats in a treat dispenser so my cats get some exercise while they eat their cat treats.

My outdoor cats keep the pigeon population down. They eat the pigeons that are on the ground by the area where the pigeons roost for the night. My outdoor cats will eat the unfortunate bird that crashes into a window before it fully recovers from the window crash incident. Outdoor cats catch rodents and kill them or eat them.

Some cats will try to eat up the other cats snacks or treats. I watch my cats and I try to deter that behavior. I try to feed all of my cats the same number of treats so each one feels they are being treated fairly. Some cats always have to be the first ones to eat in the morning. My female cats can be fickle of who they want to eat with and who they want to share with. Male cats like to eat up all they want and let the females eat what is left just like their wild relatives that live in the jungles. All of my cats get their fair share of food to eat and fresh water everyday.

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